Jan 12, 2021

In 2020, it was not long before we reinvented self-care and found new ways to polish our natural beauty at home. More of you invested in a skincare regimen and found healthier homebound habits to feel normal. 

This year, I am sure you shifted from your typical resolutions. New year, new you is more accurate than ever before. The fact is this pandemic affected the way we carry ourselves now. We are not looking back at the last 9 months. We don't need to. However, there are some beauty trends we can’t leave behind.

Maskne [Mask-nee]

Ugh! What a terrible word. This term quickly became popular among essential and frontline workers before everyone else realized this word actually existed. It refers to acne on areas where your face mask usually covers.

Understanding the root cause of your maskne makes treating it much easier. Here are some factors to consider if you started breaking out the moment you started wearing masks.

Possible factors:

Not washing face correctly: Number one maskne factor. Something we all need to do is wash our face TWICE at night. It is hard for some of you to even do it once at night, but it’s even more important now to do it two times. The 1st cleanse rinses off makeup, dirt, and oils. The 2nd cleanse is what actually cleans the inside of your pores and prevents bacterial growth under your skin.

Mask too tight: Will block pores and deplete your skin of oxygen, creating a happy environment for bacteria to grow. Remove mask whenever possible.

Dirty mask: It should be changed daily. If you wear makeup with a cloth mask, be sure to scrub the makeup off before washing it. Oil & makeup build up will make it harder for your washing machine to clean it.

Improper mask storage: If your mask is roaming free in a purse--or coat pocket--make sure the side that touches your face is protected and not collecting bacteria in those dirty places.

Allergic to mask material: Maybe switch to cloth or a different disposable mask. Also, consider the laundry detergent you use. 

Improper dental hygiene: This one is a personal theory of mine. Not truly backed by science but simply logic. Bacteria naturally resides in your mouth and when you speak you’re spraying bacteria onto your mask. A cleaner mouth may be helpful in combating acne. Not the only way but still helpful.

It is no secret we’ll be required to wear masks for the majority of 2021. I’m happy for those who trusted my expertise to help them with their acne struggles. If you have had acne in those areas before masks, then you may have a different issue. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are struggling. I am here to help all skin concerns. Schedule a skincare consultation.

Natural Beauty

Bushy brows and grown-out hair roots was a period we don’t want to look back on. (Flashback to Jack Dorsey’s quarantine beard.) I’ll be honest. There was a time I really liked my bushy brows. They got unruly, but this is when brow lamination helped keep them tamed. I was able to enjoy my bushy brows as they grew out naturally without looking silly. (Until I got bored and needed a new set of eyes for the summer.)

Services like brow lamination will continue to grow popular in maintaining the appearance of natural beauty without the extra work. It also makes them look thicker with little effort. Allowing you to wait longer between brow waxes.

Long Lasting Treatments

When salons reopened in June 2020, I was afraid it wouldn’t be long before they mandated another lockdown. Clients were iffy about coming to the salon and the uncertainty had us considering long lasting treatments. It inspired me to add cosmetic services faster than planned.

At Beauty Code, I added henna brow tint, regular brow tints, and natural lash lifts cosmetic services for a manageable stay-at-home look. Brow tints can last 3-8 weeks and act as a guide to pluck the strays between brow waxes. A lash lift will perm your natural lashes giving them a long lasting curl that will stay up to 4-6 weeks. Easy to maintain services that can last through all your zoom happy hours, family face times, and google meet conferences.

We don’t know how much longer we will be in this pandemic, but we learned that beauty never stops adapting to your circumstances. Trust your esthetician to help you feel beautiful at home. We learned that going to the salon was not just for others but for ourselves.

Barefaced beauty will continue to trend in 2021. My advice is less makeup and more sunscreen. Don’t fall behind on your best natural self!

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